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Jewelry Design

At T.Skies Jewelry, our experienced team of designers is dedicated to bringing your jewelry visions to life. Whether you need custom pieces for a special occasion or wish to establish a brand with evergreen products bearing your branding, we will collaborate closely with you to create designs that not only align with your budget but also resonate with your customers' preferences. Our design services include CAD modeling, laser cutting, and 3D printing, ensuring precision and creativity in every piece we craft.

Services Include:

  • Design Consulting 
  • CAD Design  
  • Hand Fabrication Prototyping
  • 3D Print Prototyping
  • Mold Making 
  • Laser Engraving 

Ask to about pricing for your project. Get a free 30 min Consulting session.


Design Consulting

Design consulting for custom jewelry involves a collaborative process aimed at bringing your unique jewelry vision to life. It begins with a scheduled consulting call where we gain a thorough understanding of your project and the jewelry you aspire to create. The more reference materials, such as pictures, drawings, or physical examples you provide, the clearer the concept becomes.

Once we have a comprehensive idea, we proceed to draw up a mock-up of your design or use any existing artwork and images you may have. This stage allows us to refine the concept, discuss pricing, and agree on the final design. If you're satisfied with the proposed plan, we can then move forward to the exciting phase of creating a prototype, turning your jewelry dream into a tangible reality.

CAD Design

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) is a cutting-edge technology that plays a pivotal role in the custom jewelry design process. With CAD, we have the capability to transform your jewelry ideas into highly detailed and precise 3D models. This digital approach allows us to create a virtual representation of your desired jewelry piece, capturing every intricate detail and dimension. CAD design offers several advantages, including the ability to easily make adjustments, experiment with various design elements, and visualize the final product before it's physically crafted. It ensures accuracy and precision in the design phase, making it an invaluable tool for bringing your custom jewelry vision to life with absolute perfection.



Prototyping is a crucial step in the custom jewelry design process, and it's all about turning your digital design into a physical, tangible piece. We provide two primary methods for prototyping: 3D printing and hand fabrication, often using a combination of both, depending on the complexity of the design.

3D Printing: With this modern technique, we use high-precision 3D printers to create an exact replica of your jewelry design from the digital model. This allows us to produce intricate and detailed prototypes with incredible accuracy. It's particularly useful for designs that involve complex geometries or fine details.

Hand Fabrication: For certain jewelry pieces, the craftsmanship and expertise of our artisans come into play. Hand fabrication involves traditional jewelry-making techniques, where skilled craftsmen meticulously work with materials to create your design by hand. This method is ideal for designs that require a personal touch, intricate handwork, or unique materials.

In many cases, a combination of these two methods is employed to achieve the best results. Prototyping not only allows you to see and feel your jewelry design in real life but also gives us an opportunity to make any necessary adjustments or refinements before moving on to the final production phase. It ensures that your custom jewelry piece meets your expectations and is a true work of art.