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Casting Services Open for Wholesale Buyers and Independent Artists

Artist Resources

If you are an independant artist or jewelry designer and you need help with growing and scaling your business we are here to help.  Artists have access to our wholesale contract casting, repair and design services. 

In addition to our existing initiatives, we also host live shows online where we invite local artists to showcase and sell their own jewelry. These online events provide a platform for talented artists to reach a broader audience, connect with potential customers, and gain valuable exposure in the jewelry industry.

Through our non-profit branch, The T.Skies Co-Op, founded by the artists of Turquoise Skies Gallery in Albuquerque, NM, we continue to ensure fair opportunities and proper representation for local jewelry artists. Our mission extends to fostering a vibrant community of artisans, where collaboration and creativity thrive.

Furthermore, Tskies Jewelry actively supports emerging talents through initiatives like our K.I.T.A program and internship programs. We sponsor aspiring jewelers from underrepresented populations, helping them learn the art of jewelry smithing, nurture their unique artistic expression, and contribute to preserving the rich cultural heritage of the American Southwest.

Visit https://tskiescoop.com/ for more information about The T.Skies Co-Op and how Tskies Jewelry is shaping the future of jewelry artistry while honoring its traditions.

Choose Tskies Jewelry for unmatched expertise, creativity, and a commitment to the jewelry industry that goes beyond business—it's a passion we share with our clients and artists alike. Contact us today to explore how Tskies Jewelry can elevate your jewelry business to new heights and support the flourishing community of jewelry artists.