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Casting Services Open for Wholesale Buyers and Independent Artists

Contract Jewelry Manufacturing Services

We’re the go-to destination for brands looking to design or sell Southwest Jewelry.

First Things First...

What We do

T.Skies Jewelry is your affordable, top-choice partner for jewelry design and manufacturing. Whether you're starting a brand or scaling your jewelry business, we bring your vision to life. With rapid testing and iteration, we can quickly develop styles for your brand, use your existing molds or choose from our existing molds library for components. Think of us as your in-house team.

Our Process


From brainstorming ideas to bringing your vision to life, we'll handle every detail to ensure perfection. Learn more about the experience of collaborating with us.


We meet with you to learn more about your needs, select materials, and discuss budget and timeline.


Our jewelry designers create a prototype for you to review, and we keep refining it until you're completely satisfied.


Once you approve the design, we'll start manufacturing the items to meet your required scale.

Design Services

Let our skilled artisans bring your vision to life with our Private Label Jewelry Design Service. We specialize in creating custom jewelry that embodies your brand's unique identity. 

  • Design Consulting…. Free 30 min session
  • CAD Design…. Estimated
  • 3D Printing…. $35 + Material
  • Mold Making…. $35 + Material
  • Laser Engraving….Estimated

Contract Casting Service

Whether you require intricate designs or large-scale production, we will cast everything you need with precision and quality.  Casting service is priced by gram weight + metal cost. 

Minimum order of QTY 10 for each piece to quality for wholesale pricing. For orders less than minimum will have an additional charge of $1 per gram.

Lead Times and Capacity

Casting - We typically ask for 5 weeks for casting orders to be completed. We have very high capacity. production depends on the piece and how many pieces can fit in a flask,  schedule a consultation to get an estimate. 

Smithing and Repair Service

We are dedicated to scaling your operation or reviving your damaged pieces. From custom creations to meticulous repairs, we employ time-honored techniques to ensure each project meets the highest standards.  Smithing is priced per piece depending on the techniques used to make the piece. 

Ask for our Piecework Menu

(Estimate by weight, Custom work is around $2.80 - $3.80 per gram plus Material)

  • Soldering…. Priced per Piece
  • Handmade Findings…. Priced per Piece/Technique Used
  • Stone Setting…. Priced per Stone/Size
  • Beadwork…. Priced per Bead 
  • Finishing…. Priced by size and type of finish
Let's Talk About


Schedule a 30-minute consultation to discuss your goals and learn more about how we can help bring your vision to life.

Based in New Mexico

Experts in Southwest Luxury Jewelry

With a team of experienced jewelry artists and based in New Mexico, we offer a lower-cost, higher quality alternative to jewelry manufacturing.